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What to Expect from a Newborn Session:

My time with you will never be rushed, I use a relaxed approach to capture your family memories in a beautiful piece of photographic art.  No one else will be at the studio, all appointments are booked in advance. Think of it as playtime!!!  Bring their favorite toy(s) stuffed animal and favorite outfit!!  The typical session will last about 1 hour but could go longer, it depends on the type of session and outfit changes, plan on being at the studio for about 2 hours.  My goal is to connect and have fun with you and your children and before you know it we will be able to capture your child's true little personality.  
My commitment is to capture the personality of your family and the loving relationship you share and bringing a smile to your families face when you see your family member captured in a stunning portrait. Great photography doesn't just happen it its planed and created.  For on location photography I like to work in the early mornings or late in the evenings, I find these times to have the best light, but I can choose a location for anytime of the day. 

I will be handling your newborn for the majority of the session but I will ask for a bit of assistance from Mommy or Daddy.  Your newborn will be photographed nude at times and also be wrapped in a cute stretch wraps.  Don’t worry, I always make sure Baby’s bits and pieces are tucked in and out of site!

I have many props to choose from, blankets in many different colors, hats, stretch wraps, headbands, baskets, etc. If you have any ideas in mind for poses or props, please let me know! I always encourage a parent’s creativity in the planning of the session, that’s what makes some photos so special.   Please contact me for my pricing options if I have not done so already.

The Process:

1- Dress your newborn in a sleeper.  After your arrival, you will undress your newborn down to his/her diaper and cuddle him/her in a warm blanket.  You will want to hold off on a large feedings until you arrive.   Once we get settled, you can go ahead and feed him/her.  Once your newborn has finished nursing and fallen asleep, we’ll get started with the first part of our session.

2- If for whatever reason your newborn becomes upset, we will take a break and if we can not continue, I'll have you return in the next day or two

3- Soon after the session, I will post several images on my public Facebook page for you to view as a “sneak peak.” Please feel free to tag or share those photos, but please do not download, alter or crop those images.

4- With in 10-14 days you will come back to the studio to view and place your order.  You can decide which print package or items are best suited for the baby's room, or your walls, and for friends and family. I am happy to offer my own artistic opinion and assist you with deciding which products will best fit your home and décor.   Click Here for display choices.

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I also enjoy going on location and photographing because the natural surroundings will provide a unique backdrop but the studio has many advantages.   At the studio, I can create a simple elegant photograph for your newborn or child, in a warm and controlled environment.

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Please don't wait to book your newborn session.  It is never too early to come into the studio for a consultation. 

The best time to photograph your newborn is when he/she is still a newborn, 1-3 days old is the best time but it can be accomplished within 2 weeks.  The earlier the better.  They are typically still very sleepy, easy to pose, small and are easily posed and positioned. 

A newborn photography session will typically last about 2 hours.  I am very patient and will work to get that perfect shot so will take lots of breaks so the infant can be changed, eat, and be put back to sleep.
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I use studio lighting and natural light to capture your newborn.   I am passionate about preserving your families most precious memories!!  You are investing in your heritage by document your child as he/she grows and these images will be cherished for a lifetime. 

To capture these unique and artistic images the session happens within the first 5 days of life.  It is never too early to come into the studio for a consultation. 

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