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Ice Storm 98
The ice thickly covered every little branch and glittered in the sun like a million diamonds.  Photo's were taken during the ice strom of 98 that hit all of New Endland.  People were without power for weeks.
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Washington County

Where the fresh waters of the St. Croix River meets the salty waters of the Passamaquoddy Bay.  This area is home to the highest rise and fall of the tides in the United States.  The tides can reach up to 28 feet high when the conditions are right.

There are many places to see here in this little neck of the woods known as Downeast Maine.  Maine's magnificent coastline is 3,500 miles long with jagged rocky inlets and black, white, and red sandy beaches where the air is filled with salty sea mist that you can taste and feel on your skin.

Why don't ya come see for yourself!
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of Maine
Eastport, ME
and the Sylvina W Beal
Winning Images 1st and 2nd place at the Penobscot Bay Carvers & Artists Assocation - Maine Coast Competion in Belfast, ME- 2003
by: Charlie Sawyer

When winter arrives and people get cold
There will be forever a story told,
Of people who survived Mother Nature's fate
The storm that was know as Ice Storm 98.

The storm that made the young and old think twice
In Maine, we don't just have snow; we also have ice,
Although some can remember way back when
Look out your windows, it's happening again.

The trees bow down like performers on state
The wind passes through with fierce winter rage,
While inside we huddle and wait by the hour
Surviving the best we know how without power.

Repair crews out working, performing their roles
To clean up the downed trees, and fix wires and poles,
Neighbors helping neighbor the best that they can
The goodness in all people coming out of them again.

The roads ever so bumpy from ice staking its claim
Ice covered rooftops from the snow mixed with rain,
Icicles hanging from railing to rail
Covering all mailboxes and freezing all mail.

But dwell not on the bad, for there's one important thing
Only two months to go before the first signs of spring,
Try to remember not just the bad, but things that were great,
for I know that no one will ever forget, Ices Storm 98.
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Ice Storm 98
Ice Storm 98
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