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My time with you will never be rushed, I use a relaxed approach to capture your family memories in a beautiful piece of photographic art.  Think of it as playtime!!!  Bring their favorite toy(s) stuffed animal and favorite outfit!!  The typical session will last about 1 hour but could go as long as 2 hours, it depends on the type of session and outfit changes.  My goal is to connect and have fun with you and your children and before you know it we will be able to capture your child's true little personality.  

My commitment is to capture the personality of your family and the loving relationship you share and bringing a smile to your families face when you see your family member captured in a stunning portrait. Great photography doesn't just happen it its planed and created.  For on location photography I like to work in the early mornings or late in the evenings, I find these times to have the best light, but I can choose a location for anytime of the day. 

Planning the photography session

*There is a .50 per mile charged for travel over 20 miles from my studio. 
There is no better time than now to invest in your future by preserving your families fondest memories in a professional family portrait!  My goal is to create a portrait for your family that will be cherished for a lifetime.

Choose your location and let me capture your familys  portrait while you all are having fun!   Why not take the extra time to have your family photographed at your favorite location this summer/fall.  You'll be glad you did!  These once in a life time memories will be captured and treasured forever.

Successful portraits...We will review clothing options and more at the consultation.

Contact me to set up a design consultation today at 207.320.8147, we will go over every detail of the portrait session click here for details.

  • Family lifestyle sessions
  • Beach Sessions
  • Multiple Groups (family reunions) one hour of photography time.

The creative fee covers the consultation appointment, photography time, post processing of the images, your viewing and ordering appointment. 

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           Before                              After
Retouching is included in all poses that you order.  Color correction and white balance is applied. Removal of minor facial blemishes and stray hairs.  Minor skin softening will be applied and moles will be removed, if requested.
To learn more about retouching and see more examples click here
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{Portrait Image Gallery}

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