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Step by step portrait planning guide.
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First, I will meet with you at your home or video chat for a portrait design consultation to discuss and plan your portrait session.  We will discuss style, location, clothing, color, background choices, props, and more.  This planning session is very important. Click Here to learn more and continue reading this page. This appointment to last about one hour.

At the planning session we will discuss the following:

You will answer some questions about your ideas for your portraits and plan all of the details of your session.  We will clarify what we are photographing for, such as an album, wall portraits, gifts size prints or other, and set our goals.  Click here to see sample products. 

We'll establish an "artistic vision". You can let me know your preferences in various photographic styles and techniques. What is the best setting for your portrait?  Should we strive for a traditional portrait, or a story-telling portrait that shows your family relating to each other and to the surroundings? 

You can select a custom portrait location.  Where would you prefer your portrait session:  at your home, other location, outdoor natural setting at my studio or in a studio setting?  Each has their advantages. 

We will discuss clothing.  You will want to coordinate colors for a harmonious result, thinking of where the portraits will hang.  Clothing colors, props, and backgrounds make a huge difference! Click here to see examples.  This is important to me in creating the look you like. 

What style is your home?  We will plan the colors to look great with your current home decor.  Your homework will be to send me images of where you will be hanging the wall portraits.  This will also play into where and when you will want to be photographed at. 

Before and After click here to read more.

Clothing Tips

Please bring at least 3 outfits (or more) to choose from on hangers, wrinkle and lint free.  I will help you choose and coordinate with the look you are going for.  Your clothing selection can make the difference between a unique image and just another picture.   What is in the background makes a significant difference.  Click here to see the many backgrounds and to learn more.

To create timeless photos please avoid clothes with any logos.  Clothing with textures such as jean material, corduroy and knitted sweaters photograph beautifully.  Avoid stripes and busy patterns as it detracts from the person being photographed.  Complimentary clothing and colors is also ideal for group photos.

For those that want a slimming appearance, wear solid dark colored long-sleeve shirts also dress in layers by wearing a dark colored jacket or sweater, with a dash of color underneath. 

Coordinating colors but not matching outfits look best.
I am happy to give you suggestions and or help choose.

Your feet will most likely be in some of the photographs, so be sure to consider their appearance as well.  Bare feet with jeans look great...

Below are some highlights.

-Newborns:  I prefer to photograph newborns and children up to age one in just a diaper or
     diaper cover but always bring at least two outfits for them to be photographed in.

-Children: Simple, comfortable clothing works best for children.

-Couples and Families: Again, simple and comfortable works best.  Make sure to coordinate outfits so that you compliment each other.  

-High School Seniors: Anything goes here.  Bring 3 extra outfit changes and I suggest at least one timeless outfit.  Sport equipment, hats, belts, jackets, different changes of shoes, jewelry changes, hair brush, chapstick, make up, and anything else you may want to include in your portraits.  Be sure to check with individual school guidelines for your year book photo.  

-Maternity: I can do portraits the way you wish to be seen and the way that you wish to remember your pregnancy, whether fully clothed or modest semi-nude. Portraits can be taken alone or with spouse and other children.  Plan to have several changes of clothes picked out ahead of time. You will want clothes that show off your pregnancy, rather than minimize it.

Next, we will set up the photography session.  The time and location will depend on who is being photographed.  If I'll be photographing a young child under age three, then maybe they are in a better mood in the morning.  I will work with you to set your appointment at a time that works best for you. 

Photography Session  Plan on your portrait session lasting an hour or more, this is the time to relax and let me create and capture your special moments with my camera.  Lets work together to be sure you reserve adequate time so I can make your portraits everything you desire.  We can take breaks if needed, have a snacks etc.  Please note it is my job to get a reaction and deferent expressions from your child, so let me work at my own speed, please do not tell your child to behave, look at the camera, sit down, smile or say cheese....it is very important that everyone is feeling relaxed and are having fun.  I do not want to rush your child but work with them at their own speed.  Adults please just be super patient and play along with the games etc.  :) 

Ordering  I will meet you for an in-home sales appointment or you can view the images here at the studio in about two weeks.  The last choice would be for me to upload them to an online gallery and set up a video chat, so I can help you place your order.  I am here to assist you in making your selections and to suggest sizes and groupings, and to assist with framing and display choices.  This appointment can last well over an hour depending on the number of prints and group size.  The person making the ordering decision will need to be present at the ordering appointment.   When your print order is placed a minimum deposit of 50% is due, framing portion 100% due. The balance is due when your order is picked up or before it is shipped.  If you do not purchase at the ordering appointment there is no extra charge if you purchase within the next 30 days, after 30 days there will be a $50 charge applied to your purchase.  I do offer payment plans, you can spread out your payments for up to 4 months.  Delivery will be made after payment in full has been received. Orders are ready in two - four weeks depending on if framing and art work required.  I am happy to deliver within 30 miles at no extra charge.

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